Krishna Theme Party


During our visit to India this January, we decided to throw ‘Krishna‘ themed birthday party to celebrate Baby A’s First Birthday. It was his first visit to India too.

Keeping the peacock feather in mind, we zeroed in on the four colors: purple, green, blue and gold to emulate ‘Krishna’ theme. We carried all the party decor supplies : backdrop, main table decor, guests tables/chairs decor, and the handcrafted cookies from the US.

Party was an absolute blast! Everyone adored our choice of theme and our successful execution!

Sharing few pics:

  • Party Hall Decor

  • Main Table Decor
  • Cakes and cookies:

Cake: ‘Just Bake’ bakers at Orion mall did a splendid job at crafting the edible ‘Matka’ shaped cake embellished with flute and peacock feathers. They created the cake within just one day of ordering! Great job!

Cookies: I got the cookies crafted by lady in the US, and carried them carefully to India. She did a stupendous job at it. Everyone at the party loved her creations.


  • Favor Bags : MIL found adorable peacock feather handbags blended perfectly with our ‘Krishna’ theme.




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