"Wheels on the Bus" Cake

a7Amogh totally loves the “Wheels on the Bus” rhyme and enjoys watching/listening to it in infinite loop! When he turned one, I wanted to bake a “bus” shaped cake for a small family celebration at home, for the theme “Wheels on the bus”.

YouTube has a great collection of tutorial videos for baking a “bus” shaped cake. Inspired by it, I decided to make one for Amogh.

1)  First, I baked an egg-less chocolate cake in two baking pans. After removing it from the oven, I let it cool to room temperature. Then, I wrapped it with plastic wrap and refrigerated it overnight. This technique prevents the cake from crumbling during icing.

2) After twelve hours of refrigeration, I laid the two cakes one above the other, with a layer of butter-creme icing in between them. With a sharp knife, I cut a small portion of the upper front portion of the cake to shape it like a bus.


3) I iced the entire cake in butter creme icing and set it aside.

4) Using a fondant mat and a rolling pin, I rolled out the yellow fondant to the desired thickness and size. (Joann’s has great collection of Fondant supplies – fondant map, rolling pin, food coloring, fondant, sugar letters, et al.). I used Wilton’s fondant. It turned out great.

5) Slowly, covering the cake with fondant, I used my palms to remove unwanted  creases and shape the cake accurately.


6) Using edible black sugar strips and edible letters, I completed the cake decoration.



Do try the tips and tricks and let me know how your “Bus” shaped cake turns out! 😉


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